Tips on buying a tennis racket (for beginner adult players)

One of my most loved games is tennis. I played a considerable amount when I was more youthful and still prefer to play when I get an opportunity. What’s more, I have a touch of an undesirable fixation on Roger Federer! The extraordinary man was even the subject of one of my blog entries – ‘What can table tennis players gain from Roger Federer?’

Be that as it may, this article isn’t about Roger. It’s about tennis rackets. I have an unmistakable fascination for brandishing gear and how it can help or impede execution. So in this article, I am going to give some supportive counsel about purchasing a tennis racket for learner grown-up players. The article depends on my own encounters of playing tennis and exhortation from tennis mentors. I likewise give a couple of proposals of some great novice tennis rackets you can purchase.

Why your tennis racket matters

It’s vital to play with a proper tennis racket when learning the amusement. In the event that you utilize a racket intended for learners, you should understanding unquestionably more accomplishment than a racket intended for a propelled player.

With the correct racket, you’ll have the capacity to get more balls over the net and into the court. You will appreciate playing tennis more. In the event that you appreciate playing, you’ll need to play more. In the event that you play more, you’ll improve snappier.

Your tennis racket matters. It merits investing a touch of energy inquiring about your choices.

Picking your tennis racket

I’m going to keep things basic. As I would like to think, the three most vital things you have to think about when purchasing your first tennis racket are head size, weight and grasp estimate. How about we take a gander at every one…

Head measure

In a perfect world, you ought to pick a racket with a bigger head estimate. A racket with a bigger head size will have a bigger sweet spot. This is the zone amidst the racket where you need to hit your shots. Having a bigger sweet spot is valuable for novices, in light of the fact that your procedure is as yet creating. You won’t hit the ball superbly every opportunity in any case. Yet, with a bigger racket head and sweet spot, you’ll see it less demanding to kick it into high gear the ball in, regardless of whether your planning and stroke isn’t exactly right.


A decent racket for apprentices ought to be lighter in weight. You will think that its less demanding to swing the racket and will probably play for longer before tiring. Heavier rackets can be somewhat harder to move going in the first place, as the muscles you use for tennis are as yet creating. A light-weight racket should feel genuinely easy to get and swing. You presumably ought to be wary of getting a racket which is excessively light, as you may create poor system, such as flicking your wrist. The rackets I suggest beneath are a decent trade off. Not very substantial. Not very light.

Grasp estimate

It’s additionally critical to get the correct hold estimate for your tennis racket. On the off chance that your hold is excessively little, you’ll end up crushing the handle excessively, which will tire your muscles and in the long run lead to damage. In the event that your hold is excessively substantial, you will think that its harder to utilize your wrist and make changes to your grasp. A decent hold size should feel great to play with take into consideration a full scope of movement in your wrist and lower arm. There’s a couple of various size holds accessible. As an exceptionally unpleasant guide, go for the accompanying…

Little hand

  • 4 inches (US measure)/0 (Euro estimate)
  • 4-1/8 inches (US estimate)/1 (Euro measure)
  • 4-1/4 inches (US estimate)/2 (Euro measure)

Medium hand

  • 4-3/8 inches (US measure)/3 (Euro estimate)
  • 4-1/2 inches (US estimate)/4 (Euro measure)

Extensive hand

  • 4-5/8 inches (US estimate)/5 (Euro measure)
  • 4-3/4 inches (US estimate)/6 (Euro measure)

What amount does an apprentice tennis racket cost?

Fortunately you don’t have to spend silly cash on an OK tenderfoot tennis racket. Most amateur rackets will be produced using aluminum, which is less expensive than the graphite material utilized in increasingly costly rackets. A tolerable novice racket will cost between £20-£50/$30-$70.


Here’s some tennis rackets you can buy on Amazon. All have heaps of audits, so you can peruse other fledgling players’ criticism before making a buy. Be that as it may, I prescribe doing your very own exploration as well. There are heaps of online tennis stores accessible as well. Simply complete a Google look for a tennis store in your city or nation and you should discover bunches of alternatives

Last considerations

An amateur tennis racket won’t be a racket forever. When you improve to a transitional standard you should overhaul your racket. However, any of the rackets above will be great in the first place. In the event that you play tennis for a brief period, yet stop to seek after different premiums, you haven’t squandered a lot of cash. However, ideally you will play, go gaga for the game and continue improving and improving. What’s more, in the event that this transpires, at that point this little expense to purchase a tenderfoot racket, will be an awesome venture.


The author of this article is a Sports enthusiast and also a graduate. He usually writes articles about Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

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