The Best Badminton Rackets for Intermediate Players

Badminton is a fun outside amusement that is played at grills everywhere throughout the nation. It’s the kind of amusement that you and your mates can begin with and have a ton of fun for quite a long time. It’s additionally a quite aggressive game when you get into it.

While the little badminton box sets are a fun method to begin with the game, they basically aren’t capable of aggressive play. They destroy rapidly and aren’t dependable with regards to hammering that birdie back over the net.

That is the reason it bodes well to consider a progressively costly and higher quality racket when you conclude that you need to play badminton routinely. The quality rackets hold up to hard utilize better, and they are progressively enjoyable to utilize.

Purchasing new rackets is dependably an all in or all out understanding, which is the reason this guide exists.

To enable you to abstain from committing my errors, and find mostly average rackets that won’t cost you a little fortune, since who needs to burn through $500 on a badminton racket?

I realize I don’t, so how about we investigate a portion of the more reasonable, yet similarly as sturdy alternatives available to look over.

What to Look for in an Intermediate Badminton Racket

Senston badminton racket with black case and racket crossed over the case

Speed: Lightweight rackets move rapidly and enable you to send back the birdie rapidly and effectively. You need something that is light enough for you to play aggressively.

Sturdiness: The pole and the leader of the racket need to remain immovably together amid substantial ongoing interaction. The strings ought to be made out of a sturdy material that is going to endure numerous hard sessions.

Ricochet: When the strings offer enough bob, it’s anything but difficult to hit those power shots. You’ll end up propelling the birdie at higher speeds than you thought conceivable with a quality racket in your grasp.

Senston N80 Graphite Single High Grade Badminton Racket

Upright racket

The most budget-friendly lightweight racket that serious badminton players should consider is the Senston N80 Graphite Single Racket. It’s supremely light, offers good springy performance and holds up reliably over regular use.

Sure it’s not quite as nice as some of the high-end rackets from Yonex, but it is more affordable and comparable in performance. If you’re getting started in badminton, or you’re using a low-quality racket and don’t want to spend $50 or $60 on a racket, this product could be the right one for you.

Do you think so? Try it out for yourself and find out.

Yonex Nanoray 10F Badminton Racket


The Yonex Nanoray 10F racket is one of the lightest that you’ll find thanks to the high-quality carbon fiber construction that’s laid out in a careful durable pattern. The racket is made to hold up to regular tough play, and it allows you to move fast enough to react to most plays while on the badminton court.

To get the very best out of this racket you really need to restring it for added power. You’ll enjoy great control and lightweight performance with the original string, but once you add a new one you’ll get the power that you need to win tournaments and play competitively for a good value.

Put it in your hands and see just how good it feels when you swing it back and forth.

Champion Sports Double Steel Shaft Badminton Racket

Double bar red racket with black handle

As the cheapest option on my list, this racket is a good beginner option or a decent choice for serious players that like extra weight. If you feel like the more expensive rackets are too heavy, give this Champion Sports double steel shaft racket a try. It’s heavier and has a good solid feel to it.

This product is really well built and will hold up even longer than many of the professional expert products. Sure you feel it every time that you swing, but for a stronger player it’s still possible to complete quick offensive and defensive shots with it, and added power comes through in overhead smashes.

Ready to hit those powerhouse balls across the field? Now is your time to do so, just grab the new racket and head out on the road.


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