Know the 4 Crucial Performance Enhancing Tips for a Football Camp

Beginners Guide to Improving Your Soccer Performance with Camps

Summer time is often considered crazy due to all the football camps and contests being held just about everywhere. Most people would think that these camps are really not that important, but you would be surprised to know that with the increasing competition for the slots on reputed college football teams, the numbers of training camps are also growing.

Many renowned coaches have confessed that they never offer a position to athletes who’ve never attended at least one of the camps organized by them. They look for players who have attended at least one football camp as they want to be assured that the player can tackle the pressure of the practice and improve performance at the same time.

Off-season is mainly meant for recovering, but a great play and performance at a camp can really be a huge confidence booster and if not that, it can surely help the right players to assess their performance, which might help them in future.

Here are four crucial performance enhancing tips:

  • Set Your Routine

It is highly important that you set a routine and follow the same routine every time. Your routine might include warm-up, set-up on the bench and target to the 40 and few other things as well. Just do all these at the same time and for the same time interval as it will help you to come up with a fixed routine that will help tame your body.

  • Do a Little Research on Your Own!

Before you enroll yourself for a football camp, make sure to do a little background research on your own. Try and find out if the camp uses short or tall cones for 3 cones? Do the 20 yard shuttles run either way or just the best one? Grass, Turf or Track – what do you prefer? Figure out these answers as they can help you understand the training process better and also prepare in advance.

  • Drills Should Be Practiced

This is the most crucial part even though most people don’t like to practice drills and they prefer to practice their overall agility, speed and even strength. However, it is quite necessary to analyze a better approach towards a 3 cone. It is also important to time your every step of 20 yard shuttle. It helps you to angle your body properly and also time it accordingly. So, no matter how evil it is, you must practice it without fail.

  • Be Fast and Strong

This is quite an obvious tip, but most of the times, athletes overlook it. You actually should train yourself to succeed; otherwise, during the match the guys who work out can make you look really silly. There are no real tricks; you just have to enroll yourself for a good and successful program and follow their instructions with plenty of hard work.


The author of this article is a Sports enthusiast and also a graduate. He usually writes articles about Health, Fitness and Nutrition.

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