How To Stop The Racket Slipping In Hand When Playing In A Humid Environment

1. Know your grasp

When I’m playing in a club or it isn’t sweltering outside, I lean toward a Yonex or Babolat crude grasp. Keep in mind, you need a grasp that will ABSORB your perspiration, not slide off of it. Cheap grasps are awful at this, as the perspiration runs everywhere throughout the hold and it is anything but difficult to lose your grasp on your racket. I suggest a Tourna Grip, as this is flimsy and ingests dampness like no other. Additionally, in the event that you need to spare some cash over the long haul, attempt a Yonex Wave Grap overgrip. This will run you about $9 for one grasp, however it keeps going basically as long as you need it to. I play almost consistently for two or three hours in any event, and this grasp kept going me a strong 5 months. The main reason I supplanted it was on the grounds that the glue in the end left. It is ribbed, so you really have something to clutch. As I would see it, it is the best hold available in the event that you are playing in a sticky atmosphere.

2. Utilize a wristband

I for one need to utilize a wristband to my right side (predominant) hand, as this truly assists with perspiration not achieving my hand.

3. Towel

Later in the match, return a trek to the towel to wipe your hands and arm each couple focuses (particularly when serving).

4. Sap pack

I’ve seen at competitions that an ever increasing number of individuals are utilizing these. By and by, I don’t utilize one.

The #1 thing you can do is to quit utilizing a cheap overgrip.


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