Best Cricket Helmet Brands- Complete Guide with Price Range

Be it chasm cricket or a match in the arena, wearing cricket head protectors is an unquestionable requirement for cricket players. The game can now and then outcome in facial damage, head damage or blackout. In an ongoing examination, it was uncovered that 9-25% wounds to batsmen are caused in the head or face. That makes cricket caps a key piece of a cricket player’s life. Here at CashKaro we have made a rundown of the ten best cricket head protector brands with important subtleties. Presently, you won’t have an issue in picking the best cricket protective cap according to your need.

1. Best DSC Cricket Helmets

DSC is a famous organization known for creating excellent cricket merchandise and is one of India’s first rate sports gear makers today. The organization was established during the 1970s. DSC cricket protective cap is one of the hardest cricket head protectors that you can claim. The external shells of the caps are tough and are made of polypropylene. The hardened steel customizable face watch accompanies a formed ear fold for the double capacity of solace and security. The internal cushioning and work is made of perspiration permeable and breathable material and is thoroughly sway safe. The head protectors are accessible at a value scope of Rs. 829-Rs. 3316.

2. Best SG Cricket Helmets

SG is one of India’s driving cricket gear makers. They fabricate one of the sturdiest cricket head protectors in India. The external shell of the head protectors is made with polypropylene and is extreme and tough and the internal shell is unadulterated froth for effect opposition. The head protectors have a steel barbecue for the security of the face and four air vents for ideal air flow. The caps have an exceptional work over the froth cushioning for perspiration assimilation. SG head protectors are valued between Rs. 744-Rs. 2445.

3. Best Hans Rubber and Sports (HRS) Cricket Helmets

Hans Rubber and Sports is a worldwide producer of games hardware and merchandise. The organization is situated in Meerut and has gotten different fare brilliance grants by the State and Central government since its origin. In the event that you want to play cricket, at that point the HRS Helmets are an absolute necessity item for you. The caps have completely flexible steel flame broil for the insurance of your face and head. They likewise have EPS froth cushioning to diminish the danger of blackout or head damage. The head protectors are fixed with great quality polyester fabric for perspiration ingestion and breathability. The protective caps are accessible in three sizes: S, M, L and at a cost of Rs 1199.

4. Best KD Cricket Helmets

KD is a well known games great producer, just about two decades old and creates the absolute most amazing games merchandise in the nation. Worried about your solace just as your security amid playing cricket? You should arrange the KD cricket protective cap for yourself. The protective caps have a thin line shell with an implemented pinnacle. The outside of the protective caps are cast of strengthened fiberglass, polypropylene or nylon and the inside cavity is had of polyurethane for effect assimilation. It has flexible face barbecue, inward cushioning with gap style venting and felt completion. The head protectors are accessible in all sizes between XS to XL and are valued between Rs. 400-Rs. 1570.

5. Best Spartan Sports Cricket Helmets

Simple Sports is an Australian organization that delivers a wide cluster of games items. Straightforward cricket head protectors are a standout amongst the most famous results of the organization. The caps are intended to give security to your head and face as it is created with high effect safe material. The inside of the protective caps is cushioned with better quality polypropylene material than avert head blackouts and the flame broil can be acclimated to accommodate your face. The protective caps are supported by M.S Dhoni himself and are accessible at an ostensible cost of Rs. 1249-Rs 3000.

6. Best SS Ton Cricket Helmets

SS Industries is a main producer of games hardware since its commencement in 1969. The quality products that the business makes are utilized by prominent cricket players like Saurav Ganguly, V.V.S Laxman, Sachin Tendulkar and Yuvraj Singh. The SS Ton Helmets are pressed with the best wellbeing highlights that you can consider. The powder-covered steel-wire face monitor flame broil guarantees that you are not harmed amid training or a competition. The external shell is made of polypropylene and is high effect safe. The protective caps’ inward cushioning is made of froth to decrease the danger of blackouts and stuns. Air vents guarantee a free flow of air and a perspiration permeable texture keeps your head dry and clean while playing. The head protectors can be yours in the event that you can spend Rs. 695 to Rs. 14399.

7. Best Forma Cricket Helmets

Forma has been assembling sports merchandise and hardware since 1994 and is a standout amongst the most confided in brands in cricket supplies. Forma Helmets are known for their sturdiness and durability. The head protectors give full face assurance while guaranteeing your solace in the cricket field. The external shell of the head protectors is made of built plastic, polypropylene and different materials that are both lightweight and defensive. The inward pits have replaceable ear and shell cushioning with separable, sweat permeable liners. The jawline tie of the protective caps can be repositioned according to your face size and dimension of solace. Most Forma caps have an alluring visor that gives you an extra security from the daylight and downpour and a steel flame broil for assurance from effects. Forma head protectors are valued between Rs. 1480-Rs. 6000.

8. Best Shrey Cricket Helmets

Shrey is one of the highest market pioneers for assembling of games hardware. Shrey was propelled in 2013. At Shrey, you can pick your protective caps from among a wide scope of plans and details like Titanium Visor, Stainless steel visor, mellow steel and the sky is the limit from there. The head protectors have an intense external shell and pad cushioning for expanded facial and side security. They have a propelled wind current framework for better dissemination of air and are lightweight. The caps are valued between Rs.1099-Rs. 14000.

9. Best Kookaburra Cricket Helmets

Kookaburra is an Australian producer of games merchandise since 1890s. The organization has made its imprint as the main games brand on the planet. The organization works with cricket and hockey brandishing sheets over the globe. Kookaburra caps are made with the most lightweight material yet are solid enough to secure your face and head. The head protectors have a flexible Velcro ties, tempered steel faceguard and ABS external shell for better insurance. The head protectors are accessible in a value scope of Rs. 2199-Rs. 2900.

10. Best JJ Jonex Cricket Helmets

JJ Jonex is an ISO ensured organization, situated at Jalandhar, India. The organization began business in 1968 and from that point forward has not thought back. JJ Jonex fabricates a standout amongst the best quality cricket head protectors in India. The outside of the head protectors is made of light and defensive materials and the inside is made of stun safe cushioning. The protective caps accompany a fast discharge lock and are accessible in all sizes and hues. You have to spend between Rs. 570-Rs. 2000 for these cricket caps.


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