Best Badmintion Shoes

Picking the best badminton shoes will be one the most imperative purchasing choices that you’re going to make. Not exclusively complete a decent pair of badminton coaches help your amusement, they likewise shield your feet from wounds.

Research has appeared 66.9% of badminton wounds happen in the lower leg zone. What’s more, serious wounds happen all the more habitually in more established players, however more sprains and tendon wounds are accounted for in more youthful players. Thus, getting the correct badminton shoes will help all badminton players lessen wounds.

  1. Yonex PC AERUS 2 Badminton Shoes

To start us off, the best badminton all-round trainer. More durable than the AERUS 1, offers more ankle support (good if you have any type of foot imbalance), very light, and had wonderful grip. I got my pair of the AERUS earlier this year and I absolutely love them. I am a predominantly a forecourt player, and play doubles a lot, but these have definitely improved my singles game. The added cushioning at the sole has made these my favorite badminton shoes. My knees and lower back are thanking me!

Best Badminton Shoes

AERUS 2 Best Badminton Trainers for Women

Best Badminton Trainers

AERUS 2 Best Badminton Trainers for Men

To be honest, I was a little skeptical when I bought these. The previous model was light, (I told you to beware of light shoes) and they were very fragile. My pair didn’t last 3 months! But I’ve been using the AERUS 2 for a couple of months, with no noticeable wear and tear. But I’ve had to replace the innersoles.

I’d definitely recommend this shoe for forecourt and all-round play. It doesn’t have the best support for your feet, but it’s light and fast. If you do plan to play very long sessions 3 hours plus, then this might not be the best shoes for you. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong  with this shoe. There’s a men and a ladies version, the only differ in color and sizes. And when you get it, you don’t need to buy a slightly larger shoe size, like with most Yonex shoes. One more thing, it does fit wide feet!

  1. Yonex SHB 03Best Badminton Trainers Yonex SHB 03

The Yonex SHB 03 is the ultimate stable shoe. This coupled with the good cushioning in all Yonex badminton shoes make this the best badminton trainer for a backcourt player. The materials used on the Yonex SHB 03 upper shoe appear to be remarkably durable to the touch. If you normally use a wide footed shoe I’d recommend a half size extra. Else go with your regular size.

The inner bootie concept allows for a more snug fit – that you don’t need to lace the shoes to walk around comfortably. They are quite heavy and stiff, I bet these will easily last a couple of years with medium frequency use. Definitely the shoe I’d recommend for backcourt play.

  1. ASICS Gel Blade 5

Best Badminton Trainers ASICS Gel Blade 5Now, there’re 2 version of this shoe: the ASICS Men’s Gel-Blade 5  and the ASICS Women’s Gel-Blade 5. What I love about the Gel Blade is that it’s a low profile trainer. Which means that this is the perfect badminton shoe for forecourt players. It’s not as light as the AERUS (although the women’s version is only 285g), but my Blade 3 lasted 2 years. If you are looking for a comfortable, fast shoe, get this.

My only concern, and why I don’t use my Blade 5 a lot, is because they are a little big for me. I think I should have got them a size smaller. I was hoping to get used to them, but after a few weeks of use they still felt roomy. So I’m looking to get an inner sole for them and see if that will fix the issue. I may have to get a new smaller pair. Which bring me to my final thought on the Gel Blade, they are slightly cheaper than Yonex. Best bang for the buck badminton trainer?


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